Smart Residency

Dwarka is the first location selected to build a smart city by the Delhi Development Authority. The appearance of the offer lite the candle of hopes for affordable and approved houses. The Revanta group through it’s cost-effective, as well as end township Smart residency, has made housing very convenient and easy.

Smart Residency is a welfare community with a Vision of quality and on-time delivery, and expertise in turning people’s desire houses into truth. Within a short time frame, Revanta Welfare Society has experienced an explosion. Thanks to our employees and the faith of our clients. We are built on customer centred strategy and uncompromising business principles.

L region of Delhi, where Revanta Smart Residency is located, is all set to be the smart town that uses digital technology to boost efficiency and well-being to reduce costs and resource intake.It is the zone of great opening! It will have, among other features, free power, free web connection, 24×7 drinking water & high-frequency mass transportation.

Smart Residency is a dynamic housing community. We have come across remarkable success, because of our employees and the confidence of our customers.

Revanta Smart Residency will offer its population the benefit of an all-around equipped team with magnificent festival zones. The team will be an incident identify to do exercise and revitalise. It will furthermore be equipped with a ultra-modern health and fitness centre and in addition courts for outside activities. Revanta Smart Residency is a modern residential complex in the atmosphere of A Life of Art and Lifestyle.

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