MPD 2021

MPD 2021 is a short form for Master Plan Delhi 2021, which has been commissioned in the years 2003 by the Union Urban Development Ministry to be executing via Delhi Development Authority. The range of intricacy can assess from the factual where it seems 200 professionals from a various sector, partition into 12 sub groups, two-years just to draft this expensive plan.

Master Plan Delhi 2021 has won prominent ISOCARP award in the year 2008 along with the below following quotation:

“For the capability to articulate a holistic scheduling at one of the most difficult metropolitan region of the globe, as well as facing critical modifications is normal in several other megalopolises of the planet: from the protection to trade & commerce, from sector to atmosphere, from conservation of built heritage to urban design as well as from the development code to schedule monitoring.”

Along with the Delhi’s population increasing at a high pace as well as several numbers of individuals entering the city every year there was a demand to enlarge the city’s border. According to the MPD 2021, folks can expect Delhi to raise taller as well as wider and also offer 25 lakhs current housing units. Along with this goals land present towards the boundary and also near to Dwarka has been accepted to be developed within the metropolis boarder and therefore, crate it a significant section of the urban development of the municipality. Moreover, only while the scheduling and execution would operate in synergy, the issues of an ever increasing population would be addressed. Besides, Dwarka extension is the ideal region for the home hunters belonging to the middle-income group, to have a reasonable housing in areas close to South Delhi & Dwarka.

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