Krisha Heights

Krisha heights is a brand new and upcoming project in the Dwarka area and is the first ever smart city of India approved project in the country. The project will provide hi tech housing for all its resident and ensure that they get all the comfort and luxury which are needed.

There are many good luxuries and amenities provided in the project and can provide an alternate style of living for its users. The biggest advantage of the project is that there are is a very smart use of windows in the house which can provide a perfect natural light into all the section of the house. With good flow of natural light the house seems to be connected to the nature and provides a very fresh style of living in the city.

In this particular project there are going to be as many as three big skyscrapers which are going o provide an affordable and convenient way of living. All the building are in sync with each other and are designed to provide a very futuristic way to live. According to the current development the project will see its light by 2021 and is one of the first steps by Delhi Development Authority to bring own a planned urban development policy into the market.
The plan of the apartment introduces a fresh concept of Land Plotting into the country for the first time. This plan will ensure that all the dreams and aspirations of the people are fulfilled and people get a very standard way to live their life.

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