Delhi Awas Yojna

Delhi Awas Yojna

Revanta Group which leads the real estate market in the Dwarka, L zone has launched a wide range of projects in this area and many more in accordance to the Master Plan 2021 implemented by DDA. They have introduced many projects falling under the land pooling projects and their one latest project in Delhi Smart Cities is “Delhi Awas Yojna 2019”.

Having a house is a basic requirement of every man, which provides him and his family with shelter and that’s why he pours all his hard work and money in it. In the modern context having a home has become an expensive endeavor as the prices of houses have rocketed and in this time to have a home that offers you with the luxury of affordability certainly looks like a dream.

Payment Plan

DDA took care of this situation inspired by the much appreciated “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna” which aims at providing homes at an affordable price and launched their very own “Delhi Adhikari Awas Yojna” which will solve the treacherous situation of the citizens of Delhi by providing them homes that fit under their Budget. The Project will truly shape Dwarka Smart City into existence and is set to be completed by the year 2021.

The DDA L Zone Project has been monitored by the urban development ministry under the action plan of 2021. This governmental project targets the middle-class section which is why the starting rates are around 18 lacs and 33% of houses are reserved for women for the novel cause of Women Empowerment.

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