After receiving suggestions and observations on Land Pooling Policy, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has announced  that the agency will start the hearing process pertaining to individual land owner of one or more parcels of land in delineated sector, adding up to minimum of two hectares.

A group of owners who have voluntarily grouped together through a valid and legally enforceable agreement, adding up to a minimum of 2 hectares and an entity (developer/business/corporate entity) representing a group of landowners having an area of 2 hectares or more will be discussed before the  empowered board.

The hearing will start on July 2 and will continue for two days. The  land owning agency in Delhi has received 734 suggestions on Land pooling policy while DDA invited suggestions for the implementation of said policy in January this year.

According to DDA officials, the policy has been simplified further and DDA will now act as facilitator, regulator and planner and for the uniform distribution of land to respective landowners; DDA prepares draft policy and regulations.

The Land parcels of any size can benefit from the policy by pooling, however, the limit of 2 hectares has been set to facilitate consolidated assembly of land,” DDA mentioned in an official statement.

“Based on the decisions taken in various meetings and consultations held with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) and Service providing agencies, the Policy was revisited and reviewed,” DDA official added.

It may be noted that, the revision of  Zonal Development Plans will be undertaken for effective implementation of the Policy and delineation of sector boundaries and minimum 70 percent contiguous land pooled within a sector will be eligible for processing under the Policy,”  the DDA official said.

While differential land return has been replaced with uniform division of land to respective land owners on 60 – 40 basis; developer entity or consortium will retain.