Antriksh Delhi Gateway

The residential complex must be designed in such a way that it attracts the attention at a glance. People used to look for those housing complex that has been designed in a beautiful way that have the classy look with the feel of elegance. Vaikunth Delhi Gateway residential complex has been designed with the beauty of mixing both European and Roman style. The main attraction of the Antriksh Delhi Gateway is the open space that has been designed with the beauty of landscape. This splendid housing complex is the first ever project that has been shaping up in a vast area under the Delhi Housing Scheme.

This housing complex focuses primarily on the designing of the landscape along with the complexes in such a manner that it could rightly matches the scenario. People in this complex will get all the amenities that they have been looking for. The green space in the Vaikunth Delhi Gateway will give the residents to walk in the greeneries in their off time. They can also walk the greens along with their loved and dear ones at any time. This designing is the ultimate creation of the styles that have been found in the European and Roman housing complexes of the modern day.

The Antriksh Delhi Gateway has been developed in such an area that the people of that complex will not face any type of traffic snarl during their journey to their working destination or during their return. The security system has been made with the new technological inventions. People who have the fetish for living in high standard can judger their taste in this beautiful residential complex. These complexes have been made with the styling and architectural works that relate mostly to the designs that have been found in the European and Roman houses.


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